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Charles Antrobus


“Restart your day anytime with the Charles Antrobus all day breakfast show”


50:50 talk & music, entertaining and educational magazine

Helping us all to thrive with expert interviews, problems shares and wise words accompanied by an eclectic mix of music from pop to wow-what-is-this tracks and even the odd pleasing repartee.

We can’t rewind life but we can in each new moment reset it.

Charles Antrobus Reset: Finds the funny. Solves life’s incidents. Plays the best sounds.


Born in Belgium. Made in Surrey. Shaped by adventure. Taught by many people. Charles of no fixed profession has always been a wall flower with an over-active mind and a box full of ideas. Sharing his life with the black dog he’s oscillated between peaks and troughs. Now he’s found a new path and life in the main has been ticking along nicely. He loves the sea and mountains a lot.

Charles is a struggling inventor. So to survive he played barman, bank clerk, handyman and model. Once for a book cover about the history of radio. He had the face they needed. An intern at BBC 6 Music and a DJ/Producer at Bournemouth Uni Nerve and Burst, he once sat on a comedy panel show. You may even have seen him turn some of his life incidences into stand up. An act that was flatteringly describe as “Pleasing”. A love for comedy and music brought him to radio and along with his many passions expect nature, cycling, spirituality, design he has a lot to say. A person who hates labels Charles is cultivating himself in his own flexi-way.

Along with Reset Charles is working on some majorly exciting projects including MTR a new way to enjoy and share music. You Have Arrived @ a regular sober disco in Brighton and Can’t Sing Will Sing an unselfconscious sing-a-long to tracks played loud over the PA. He can’t wait to make these a reality so stay tuned. This is the way it is, the way it will be, as the Alchemist once said “Maktub”. You will find Charles on the sunny side of the street, beach, table and radio dial.