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Tribal Trance

with Chris Organic

About the Show

Chris Organic Presents: Tribal Trance – a journey through deep trance, chilled beats, and tribal grooves

Chris Organic was one of the pioneers of Progressive Psytrance in the mid-early 1990s. His energetic DJ style, focusing on crowd engagement, quickly made him a popular figure on the global psytrance and festival scenes. In 1997 he formed Organic Records, a label focusing on new and emerging artists.

The label grew by the early 2000s into a collective of musicians, DJs, artists and party machine, with its own Eco sound system – a pedal-to-play rig that had the crowd on exercise bikes powering up the batteries!

To this day Organic Records is remembered for its unique artwork, uplifting tones, and for the albums which raised funds for the tragic events in South East Asia/ Haiti – “Tsunami Benefit” and “Haiti Appeal”.
Moving forward, Chris is keen to take the music back to its Tribal roots, fusing it with world music and shamanic/ healing beats, to get you grooving and energise your body and mind

Chris Organic – Tribal Trance – EP 10 – John Chemist
(WK71 – 7th Oct 22)

Chris Organic - Tribal Trance - EP 9 - Lance Holy Cow - (19th August - Wildhart Week 64)

Chris Organic - Tribal Trance - EP 8 - OHN Chemist - (5th August - Wildhart Week 62)

Chris Organic - Tribal Trance - EP 7 - Perpetual Loop - (29th July 2022 - Wildhart Week 61)

Chris Organic - Tribal Trance - EP 6 - Pied Piper - (8th July - Wildhart Week 58)

Chris Organic - Tribal Trance - EP 5 - (1st July - Wildhart Week 57)