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Tune in with PXI

DJ Pixi Pete

Short Bio – PXI

PXI is a true party starter. As a drummer, Dj and a performer, he has effortlessly combined his electric energy with big sound and funky rhythms, drawing in crowds at festivals, parties and events all over the world. Birthing his love for DJing on turntables at house parties in his younger years, he eventually jumped in with two feet into the digital world soon got recognition. For as well as being an artist on the decks he performs with a range of electronic and acoustic percussion instruments, known for his impressive bongo rhythms and even for suddenly emerging onto the dance floor with a djembe and really get the crowd going wild.

PXI takes pride in having his finger on the pulse for new, up and coming dance music and cannot be boxed into one musical genre, he seamlessly blends a range of genres and mixing with up to 4 decks, creates a multi layered sound, that can combine playfulness, nostalgia and sonic soulfulness to the ears.

PXI plays regularly for festivals and events nationally and internationally, currently a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance U.K, Ecstatic Dance Bristol, Mind body Spirit Festival and Dance Medicine Glastonbury also creating his own sober events around the U.K

Tune in with PXI – EP01 – (W134)