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Tech Noir

with DJ Stelfox


Saturday night dance show playing Tech House and Techno for your ultimate Saturday night house party.


“I bought my first set of decks aged 13. An all-in-one DJ console made by a company called Citronic. They were pearlescent purple and, though a good few years old at the time, I thought they were the most beautiful things on the planet.

That was when I started DJing, Acid House music had just arrived, House and Dance tracks dominated the UK charts, and I was hooked forever. Years later I discovered Tech House music, in North London’s Manor House Warehouse district; an amazing place full of DJ’s, producers and musicians, and parties that went on from Friday night till Monday morning. Playing those warehouses every weekend was the biggest buzz a DJ could wish for and the dark, soulful, driving beats and oozing bass lines of Tech House and Melodic Techno have held me ever since. I Love it. I hope you do too.”

TECH NOIR Live with DJ Stelfox EP 31
(1st July – Wildhart Week 57)

TECH NOIR Live with DJ Stelfox EP 30 - (20th May - Wildhart Week 51)

TECH NOIR Live with DJ Stelfox EP 29 - (1st April - Wildhart Week 44)

TECH NOIR with DJ Stelfox - Live at Hopyard Forest Row - EP 28 - (25th March - Wildhart Week 43)

TECH NOIR with DJ Stelfox EP 27 - (18th March - Wildhart Week 42)

TECH NOIR with DJ Stelfox EP 26 - (11th March - Wildhart Week 41)