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Gutsy GAPS Chat

with Emma Goodwin


Each week we broadly cover different health related topic with guests and a Q&A.
We talk remedy and best practice to help the body become well nourished.

Some say that there is no disease, only toxicity and deficiency.
So we nourish and cleanse.

When the gut is happy the mind can relax and the body can find it’s balance.

Gutsy GAPS Chats brings listeners solutions based discussions to help us all survive and thrive these challenging times.

Listen to Emma’s Gutsy GAPS chat on:
Sundays at noon
Mondays at 10am
Tuesdays at lunch time 1pm


GAPS coach Emma is a former actress, decorative artist, a small holder and biodynamic horticulturalist.

She promotes regenerative agriculture, is a devoted mother of two and teaches online cookery school for the GAPS nutritional protocol.

Emma’s unbridled enthusiasm for all things gut related fuels her agenda to reach the world with the message of food as medicine.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome looks at the gut-brain connnection, GAPS is a natural treatment for autism, adhd, anxiety and depression, not to mention most autoimmune and inflamatory conditions.



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This program is for entertainment and information purposes only. We never
offer medical advice and suggest that people contact their health care provider
if they have any of the symptoms described in this interview.

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