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Gurol Arslan – NEW SHOW TODAY Sat 10am & every mon/wed 3pm

Written by wildhartradio

11 June 2022

NEW SHOW TODAY Sat 10am & every mon/wed 3pm

We’re thrilled to welcome Gurol to our beautiful growing team of presenters. This is not just chat folks! Go in and deep!
Get ready for the magic!


Who are you? Really… imagine a journey where you open the book of your life and the words change while you are reading it as they compose a fresh story of yourself while it unfolds… new chapters appear with a blank pages and words emerge out of the depth of your souls’ universe. Guests in a way, experience parts of themselves they’ve never realised and seen before. This is the G experience where you can sometimes discover some of the Gurolisms that might ignite your world”

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