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He’s On it! Welcome to Hedley Marks!

Written by wildhartradio

4 March 2022


There are certain stand out moments in history; James Dyson’s air-flow technology, Jack Ashfords tambourine hands, Bernard’s coined ‘Purdie shuffle’ or David T Walker’s pinky finger. ‘The Wet Wale’ celebrates the iconic moments of funk and jazz rhythm sections from the golden age of recording. Strap in for an hour of unpasteurised grooves from every corner of the globe, in-focus themes, dance floor classics and special guests from time to time. Everything in one place, 20% faster and locked off in 4th position. From post rock to yacht rock, there’s something for everyone. Foot tapping, knee slapping, hand clapping goodness for your heart and soul every fortnight.

“If you’re moving, you’re groovin’!”
– Desmond Tutu

After breaking into the Viennese underground psyc-frantic-jazz scene Michael Ledley Krüger left Austria and relocated to Germany where he graduated from Hamburg university with a degree in ‘Low volume funk music (LVFM)’. Krüger then took to selling Spotify shares on street corners of Yugoslavia when one day he was approached by a hooded figure.

He followed them deep into the pocket of the Balkan mountains where he wasn’t seen again for 12 years. Legend has it that hooded figure goes by the name of ‘The Wet Wale’ and often referred to as ‘Jedi de funk’. Once he emerged he had trained his mind and body to understand the funkiest grooves and 4/4 syncopated rhythms.

His training was complete. Krüger’s current whereabouts are somewhat unknown but all we do know is, he’s sharing some eye-watering grooves every fortnight on Wildhart Radio.

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