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Introducing enthusiast presenter Theodore Cody

Written by wildhartradio

29 April 2021

He’s on it! Introducing enthusiast presenter Theodore Cody reporting on all the hot stuff happening In Forest Row and round and about. Events, politics, projects, he’s our man…

“Ever wondered what’s happening around? Can’t manage to find the time to keep up with what’s new? If you find yourself struggling to tune in with what’s hot then my show will fill that gap. From informing you with the current local news to discovering hidden gems of Forest Row, a quick hour is all you need to get up to speed. With special guest interviews to give the best insight, you’ll be sure to know what is happening in the community as well as the people involved. By the end of the show you’ll have hopefully left knowing one new thing and perhaps feeling a bit lighter!
My name is Theo and I’m currently a university student studying politics. I’d like to consider myself well-rounded since growing up in seven different countries has allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills as well as to have an impersonal view when approaching a subject. Having participated in several acting and filming programs as well as being a current model, I’ve had substantial insight into media production. Hopefully with what I am currently studying as well as the skills that I have developed, I will provide an entertaining and informative show.

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