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Introducing presenters Ros & Phil

Written by wildhartradio

14 May 2021

Wildhart Radio
They’re on it! Introducing presenters Ros & Phil
‘Help You help yourself show’

Is your neighbour giving you grief you with antisocially loud meditation? Did you fall in love with your postman and now you can’t break up with him because you’re worried he won’t deliver your mail? What are the most appropriate shoes to wear to your local bull fight?

Agony Aunt and Uncle, Ros and Phil are here to help you help yourself with moral conundrums, relationship difficulties and practical peculiarities.


“I have never felt so heard. I’ve changed my life. I’m divorcing her.” ~ B. Gates.
“They totally sorted my attitude to jet-washing the driveway.” ~ John S from The Chilterns
Uncle Phil is a local scruffy guru. Ex Scottish pole-vaulting champion and practiser of the rare art of origami cuisine. Aunty Ros floated in from outer space and works wonders with words and wizards’ wheelbarrows.
Details of how and when to tune in coming soon

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