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The Wellness Show

with Jaqui Grace & Cecilia Spencer

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During our time together we will be exploring different healing modalities by interviewing health practitioners from our village and further afield. They will be giving tips and information on how to empower ourselves by taking control of our health and wellbeing. For the first show we interview Sarah Charlton, an experienced Parent Supporter and Coach. She has lived in Forest Row for the past 14 years with her son and partner and is also a practicing artist. She talks about the importance of learning to really listen to each other and how listening and connection can help to lift anxiety form children.


Cecilia Spencer is a psychotherapist and has worked with individuals, couples and groups for the last 20 years. She works with the client using the therapeutic relationship to explore their experience and support their growing awareness. Her goal as a therapist and as a person is to be fully engaged in the creative process of life. Prior to working as a psychotherapist she established and ran Lotus House Limited in Malta providing soft skills training for businesses. She also up the Health and Harmony Festival, showcasing the wide range of complimentary therapies in Malta. Cecilia now lives in Forest Row with her son.

Jacqui Grace is a Dance/Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) and yoga instructor. Dance/Movement Psychotherapy is an arts therapy just like art, drama and music therapy. This body based practice has the added benefit and movement of the body. This helps you to feel better physically and emotionally. It also helps us discover our body’s wisdom which speaks in the language of symbolism and metaphor – the language of the unconscious. Jacqui believes creative exploration and expression can bring us rapidly to deeper levels of awareness of and compassion for ourselves and our lived experience.
Jacqui’s background is in various forms of dance, art, music and yoga. As a yoga teacher, Jacqui emphasises finding each student’s personal balance between strength-building and finding pleasure in the postures.

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