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Jamie Parsons brings us ‘The Gumbo Show

Written by wildhartradio

3 May 2021

He’s on it: Jamie Parsons brings us ‘The Gumbo Show: Music of New Orleans and beyond’

Description: Gumbo is a spicy stew from New Orleans, a mix of many flavours and influences, and a good description for this show. We will go on a regular musical tour mainly around the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans, but sometimes branching northwards to cities including New York, Chicago and Detroit as we follow the migration of those leaving the deep south and taking their music with them. This musical Gumbo will mix up everything from early jazz through to delta blues, big band, swing, funk, RnB, gospel, motown and soul.

Jamie lives in Horsted Keynes and has a lifelong love of music. He started playing the piano at 4 and now enjoys a wide range of music from classical to blues, jazz and everything in between. He has been to New Orleans and travelled extensively in the US for work where he got an appreciation for much of the music America gave the world. It is its unique cultural contribution and he is passionate about keeping it alive for future generations and helping people to discover the breadth and depth of this unique art form.

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