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The Wildhart Medicine Show

with Jen-ix


Within which resides ‘A circle of feathers.. the power of community and spirit’..

We are all interconnected, and in these times it is easy to experience separation. When we honour the truth of who we are, take responsibility for our totality, and shine our spiritual light for the benefit of all, we can create miracles.​

It’s true we are the ones we’ve been waiting for so let’s not miss the boat. Now it is time to become Our own ‘WILDHART MEDICINE’ and ‘WALK OUR TALK’

Now it is time to activate the splendour of our unique healing gifts and profoundly impact the Earth.​

My intention for the show is to uplift and inspire to initiate a deepening of creative and spiritual connection and to invite and infuse heart connection, raise awareness and vibrational frequency to support our own healing and our ability to strengthen universal ropes of connection.

I love playing the wild card too.​

You won’t necessarily know what’s coming but you can rest assured it will be heartfelt, authentic and inviting you to engage within A Circle of Feathers.​

Within the Wildhart Medicine Show, you may find stories to inspire you, poetry to pervade and nourish your psyche, healing sound transmissions with drum and voice, Super-Visionary journeys inward through inspired shamanic practice. Interviews with delicious souls, power filled practices and creative endeavours you may like to explore…… and good conversation to inspire awaken and enrich your body mind and spirit connection.

​We will make room for stillness and silence to presence itself for it is here that ceremony lives and magic can manifest


Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)is a Creative Catalyst For Change and Transformation

I provide a Multi dimensional approach to counselling and psychotherapy, creative and spiritual practice to facilitate healing, recovery and empowerment. I walk an inspiring and challenging medicine path as a bridge between worlds, liberator of soul purpose and soul-rite to be.

My medicine songs and gifts align with spirit and bring about healing. I follow the Path of the heart.

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