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No Wrong Notes

Jimmy Loves Jazz

About the presenter :

Collecting and listening to music, specifically music on vinyl, is one of the things I love most.
I have a lot or records.

I also dabble in DJing, in person and now on radio.
The music I love is deep and funky – jazz, soul, funk, disco, deep house.
And is from all over the world – America, UK, Brazil, Cuba, Nigeria, Jamaica, Japan
Original classics and new releases, if it’s got funky drumming and a fat bass line, I’m listening.

Inspired by my dad’s record collection as a young boy, I’ve been digging for rare records for over 30 years.
DJing in bars and clubs, big and small, local and international, has given me a good feel for what works in different venues and for different crowds.

And now I get to play some of my records for you, the crowd that makes up the Wildhart Radio listeners.

I’ll be going through my wall of vinyl each week to select the best for my new ‘No Wrong Notes…’ show.

About the show :

‘This all vinyl show is all about the music, playing you jazz infused grooves from around the world

The show name is taken from a quote by the late great Miles Davis

“There are no wrong notes in jazz… it’s not the note you play that’s wrong, it’s the note you play after it that makes it right or wrong”

For me, this is part of the foundation of jazz and all music with improvised elements.

The excitement and energy comes from the musicians playing on the edge of sounding right or wrong.
As they express themselves through the music.

I aim to do a little of this too in my new show.

To play you music that will move you and make you move, without being too challenging or too bland.
This will include classic straight ahead jazz, jazz-funk/fusion, instrumental jazzy hip hop, cutting edge modern jazz beats from around the world, Afrobeat, Latin Jazz, music from South America, Cuba, Brazil, Japan….

…let’s see if I can fit all of that into a 2 hour show !


You can hear some of my mixes here:

MonkeyPocket mixes:

more MonkeyPocket mixes:

And some rearranged jazzy edits here:

Skalpel Jazz Edits

Jimmy Loves Jazz – No Wrong Notes – EP02
(W128 10th Nov 2023)

Jimmy Loves Jazz - No Wrong Notes - EP1 - (W126 - 27th Oct 2023)