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The ‘Let’s Walk Business’ Show

with Judith Rayner

About The Presenter

Judith Rayner also known as The Business Walker, is a bit of a rebel entrepreneur!

After trying to fit herself into pre-prescribed ‘success boxes’ and almost throwing everything out of the window (including the laptop) Judith knew she wanted to do things differently in her coaching business and put the idea of a Walking Business Mastermind out to her network. The fact it’s still going 7 years later, says it all – she wasn’t the only one wanting connection to others, to nature, time away from the desk and support from like-minded women.

She has 15 years plus experience in coaching, mentoring and training and has found opportunities to follow her passions of walking and working with business women even through recent lockdowns and restrictions by taking Walk&Talk online, and hosting remote sessions.

Judith lives in beautiful Sussex in the UK with her husband, child and crazy cat Rosie and can walk straight from her front door into the countryside or travel a little further for big hills, skies, forests or the south coast. When she’s not walking you’ll find her reading, dancing or doing some kind of learning – a perpetual student of life!

About The Show

Let’s Walk Business is a conversation with, and about, the journey of entrepreneurial women who have chosen to do things differently, creating the success they want, their way!

I’ll be walking and talking with inspiring business women as we find out how and why they started, the choices, pitfalls, challenges, light bulb moments and decisions that have made the difference along the way.

We’ll get to the nitty gritty of how they came to be where they are now, the impact they are creating for them, their families and wider community and what keeps them going through tougher times.

We expect to uncover some golden nuggets during our walk and talk adventures, that we hope will inspire and motivate you too.

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