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Kai Life

with Kai Hughes


A show of multi genre dance, lounge and pop. Kai brings you modern music weaved with classics, fit for that Friday afternoon feeling, you could get jiggy or just enjoy. Kai life has it covered with his special guests and special selections.

“You know that feeling when you have a cup of tea and it’s not quite doing it? You switch on the TV and there’s nothing on, you smoke a pipe, glass of wine… but it’s still not quite there. Have you tried Kai Life?

Kai Life is bringing you the music that you love, even if you may not know it yet. There will be less ga-ga and more sweet music! Each show will have a set theme, mainly occurring from my selected collection, an eye on the changing weather, an ear on our special guests, and a finger on the beating pulse, leaving plenty of room for improvisation.
There will be interviews with artists and musicians, short radio plays, comedy, poetry, keeping it classy, slightly sleazy, always returning back to the beating heart. I hope you will enjoy Kai Life and I hope to see you there!”


I am a music producer, vision explorer, multimedia artist, musician and DJ. I have always loved many kinds of music and enjoyed sharing it with people around me, entertaining a space, holding an atmosphere, I throw a decent party! I love to give people a good time!

Music can be a medicine, it feeds you, although, what may work for you one day may not work the next. My prescription (a variety of succinct flavours) might just spark that thing. Tune in to the idiosyncrasy, there is something for everyone! I want to turn you on with these theme’s, I’m sure you’ll hear plenty that hit the spot.


“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”
~ Jimi Hendrix

Kai Life – with Kai Hughes – EP 27 “Simon Dempsey 2”
(22nd July 2022 – Wildhart Week 60)

Kai Life - with Kai Hughes - EP 26 "Simon Dempsey" (24 June-Wildhart Week 56)

Kai Life - with Kai Hughes - EP 25 - "Rave in your face"- (10 June - Wildhart Week 54)

Kai Life with Kai Hughes - Live at Hopyard Forest Row - EP 24 - (25th March - Wildhart Week 43)

Kai Life - with Kai Hughes - EP 23-"Eunice-The Progressive Storm"-(11th March - Wildhart Week 41)

Kai Life - with Kai Hughes - Show 22 - "Dub Exploration" - (4th March - Wildhart Week 40)