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New Found Sounds

Neneh Atkins


New Found Sounds with Neneh Atkins dives into some of the best new local talent, talking through new releases, upcoming gigs and tours. Tune in to hear her not only showcasing various local talents but also speaking with the bands and artists themselves about their origins, influences, plans, goals and more!


Neneh Atkins has an ever changing relationship with music, starting at age 7 with playing cornet in the Lingfield youth brass band, she went on to find her singing voice in the primary school choir and started learning guitar when she was 14, going on to study music performance at Sixth form college, followed by a vocal diploma and then a BA Hons in Songwriting for Modern Music at BIMM in Brighton.

During her time at BIMM Neneh joined a 6 piece indie pop/rock band called “Jumanji” as their lead singer. Jumanji played a number of successful headline shows in Brighton venues such as The Hope and Ruin, Patterns and The Haunt (now known as Chalk). Jumanji were featured in various BBC introducing shows, toured across the UK and released 2 EPs as well as a number of singles.

After the band broke up in 2020 Neneh continued writing, singing and playing for her own enjoyment and has made the occasional stage appearance at festivals;

Good Vibrations Society, Ridgefest and her biggest performance being for a crowd of 6000+ at Ardingly Showground during a support slot for Sam Ryder and Rag ‘n’ Boneman.

Neneh Atkins – New Found Sounds
EP01 – Softtop
(W146 – 15th Mar 24)