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Checking In

with Phaedra Fidessa


Music is a way for me to cope with life as well as a means of expressing myself. It’s a way for me to connect with myself and the world around me. In my worst moments it’s the thing I lean on to drag me through the day, and when I feel good music enables me to share that feeling with others.

I love creating playlists. I make them for all occasions. Cooking playlists, Morning playlists, playlists for when I’m feeling frisky and for when I’m depressed. As a writer I use music to get me into the mood for whatever project I’m working on. I’ll make playlists to explore settings and characters. I have no preferred genre. The range can stretch from classical music to industrial techno, from folk to 80s new wave, from jazz to ‘00s pop.
Every fortnight I’ll be checking in with you to tell you how I’m doing, what creative projects I’ve been working on, what I’ve been struggling with and what music I’ve been listening to. I’ll also invite you to check in with me and share your own creative or emotional problems so that I can help you feel supported in them.

Caution: I might discuss topics (such as depression and other mental health issues) and use language that is not appropriate for small children.


Phaedra Fidessa is a creative centipede. She’s a fiction writer, musician, podcaster, photographer, and whatever else she can do to express herself. Deeply curious about life, people and mental health, Phae is always looking for connection and a way to bring people together in their shared humanity. Having experienced depression from a very young age, Phae has discovered that talking openly about her emotional struggles can save lives, including her own, and this show is meant as a space where you’re allowed to simply be yourself without anyone judging you.

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