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Retta Bowen

This Wondrous Weave


Interviews with artists, ceremonialists, thinkers, movers and shakers, are a means by which Retta can have the conversations she is longing to have about what matters most to her: integration of the light and the dark in our quest for health and wholeness, our innate creativity; how we learn to live wholeheartedly with our gifts and flaws and recognise our unique contribution to the great weave of life. Expression is freedom, and Retta draws on her therapeutic skills to explore the mess of knots and threads behind every beautiful tapestry.


Retta Bowen is a writer, performer, therapist and breathworker. She has a background in improv, physical theatre/clown and fooling, as well as many years’ experience as a psychotherapist, and is passionate about extending our inner freedom, our right to inhabit our naturalness and vitality through all possible means. She is a life-long learner who is keen to share the wisdom of others with a wider audience.

Retta Bowen - This Wondrous Weave - EP1 Shanti Penelope (16th Sept 22 - Wildhart Week 68)

Retta Bowen - Water Ceremony Good Vibrations 2022 - Ellen Kittredge, Kim Hughes & Jen Worthen(Wk 63)

Retta Bowen Interviews Tais Bean - Good Vibrations Festival 2022 (12th August - Wk 63)