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Soul Matters

with Roxana Padmini


Wellbeing: There is absolutely a well to our being and I invite you to drop in deep and replenish. Join me for conversations that touch the heart of what’s important to us. We need each other to remember our wisdom, illuminate the mysteries of the body, heart sexuality and soul.


Tumbling ‘accidentally’ into bliss was the ignition to Roxana’s enquiry into traditions that unite the spectrum of our humanity from spirituality to sexuality. She runs group trainings and offers one to one sessions for people to take the inner journeys that light up self awareness, expand the ways we love and relate and meet the hunger for depth, meaning & connection.

Her work brings together nondual traditions of spiritual practice, tantra, kabbalistic healing and awakening to focus upon themes that are core to a happy vibrant life. She is on the faculty of ‘A Society of Souls’, a school of spiritual healing where she teaches a four year program in nondual kabbalistic healing and runs a private healing practice for individuals and couples. She has a rich background in neo-tantric practices and has taught tantra retreats for women and couples worldwide. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics and The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Additionally she is trained in shiatsu, couples therapy, sexological bodywork and somatic sex education. As a former Rudolf Steiner school teacher Roxana brings a playful sincerity to the inner journeys we take to unknot the often complicated relationship we have with our hearts, bodies, sexuality and soul nature. Kindness and heartful acceptance are the foundation of all her work.

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