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The Hearth Show

with Sarah JL and Nathalie Brilliant

About the Show

This is an invitation to human being(s), artists, mothers, movers, writers, fathers, grief tenders, poets, gardeners and you. To gather in circle and show up as you are in all your forms. Nathalie and I will be creating a safe and supported space to allow you to reflect and share your healing pilgrim journey. We will continue our conversations as we invite you into somatic and creative art practice(s). Creating space for you to speak to what’s alive and present for you in a creative body-based approach. This container is a weaving, spiralling, shifting alchemy of words, somatic(s) and art.

Join us as we create a supported container that invites you to show up as you are, speak freely, move, create and honour this pilgrim life.

Let us gather around the hearth to warm our body and soul.

About the Presenters

Sarah is an environmental art therapist and artist. She is the founder of The Earth Weaver which is a therapeutic model that weaves art therapy, nature connection, storytelling and somatic practices. She is inspired and lives by the earth’s cycles, seasons and archetypes. Sarah loves to create spaces where we can be in dialogue with ourselves and the natural world.

Nathalie is a mother, woman, partner and human. She considers herself an Art Therapist with a Somatic backbone and an Energy Healer. She has a passion for somatic art therapy and feels the body holds all the wisdom for healing. She is reminded that feeling seen, heard, and validated is one of the keys to love, healing and being a human being.

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