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Sarah Joy Louise

The Hearth Show

About the Show

Historically the hearth was used to describe a fireplace that warmed the centre of the home. The community would gather to connect and share stories around the fireplace. The show like the Hearth is an invitation to the community to share conversations about Health and Wellness.
This show calls individuals, practitioners, movers, nature lovers, grief tenders, artists and YOU to share your story and journey with health and wellbeing. We all have a story to share and through dialogue we are able to support and inspire each other. So let’s gather around the hearth to warm our hands and hearts.

About the Presenter

Sarah Joy Louise is of South African birth and lives in Forest Row. She has rooted herself in this village through various community projects and creative offerings.
Her background is nature-based art-practices which is in continuous development. She has taught creative arts and nature connection in schools across the board. Sarah Joy Louise has a deep connection and experience in body-based modalities. Which she has integrated into creative practices, ritual, movement and nature connection. She shares these dynamic and integrative workshops within the community and online. She continues to explore her love and interest in health and wellbeing through this platform.

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