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Acoustic Music from the Heart

Scott and Maria


Brighton (UK) based Scott & Maria create acoustic music straight from the heart, immersed in soulful harmonies. Their beautiful indie folk sound rouses the spirit and soothes the soul. They take great inspiration from nature, magical realms and the human journey.

“Be transported into the world of boundless love and harmony of nature” – Indie Dock Music Blog

“Scott & Maria s music … is capable of reaching the soul, a healing and serene music that reaches the heart and makes you forget about everyday problems. Universal music that makes you travel, and makes you visit unknown but beautiful worlds.” – Edgar Allan Poets (All I Am)

“Unapologetic, beguiling and utterly beautiful.” – Shindig Magazine (This Land)

They’ve been compared to Civil Wars, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, to name but a few. They come with the message of love, healing, reconnection and unity in times of great change. Their new album ‘Wish Me Away’ is now out exclusively on Bandcamp featuring songs played.

“Big thank you to Wild Hart Radio and Martyn in particular for recording the festival and sharing its energy. Thank you for joining us on the bass with your funky b-lines! ….. Love Scott & Maria”


New Album:


Scott & Maria at the Sunshine Festival 2021