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Tablehurst Life

with Richard Poole


A weekly radio show on Biodynamic, Regenerative and Organic Farming. Introducing the Farmers and Growers at Tablehurst Farm, an award winning biodynamic farm in Forest Row, East Sussex.

Listen to our explorations around the farm, from the sheep barn to the bakery, finding out how the challenges and successes of daily farm life affect our community.

Food production at the soil level, helping us to connect to the seasons and how we can use our farms to create regenerative spaces for the land and nature.


Tablehurst Life – EP15 – Hans Gunther Kern
(W128 10th Nov 2023)

Tablehurst Life - EP14 - Briony Young Preps - (W126 - 27th Oct 2023)

Tablehurst Life - In the Pie Kitchen - EP13 - (W110 7th July 23)

Tablehurst Life - Stirring the Preparations - EP12 - (W108 23th Jun 23)

Tablehurst Life - June on the Farm - EP11 - W107 10th Jun 23)

Tablehurst Life - Fermento Bakery. - EP10 - (W106 10th Jun 23)

Tablehurst Life - A Day on the farm - EP9 - (W105 2nd Jun 23)