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Simone Schmandt

Founding Director – Graphics Design – Creative Events – Social Media – I have co-run community based and campaigns based projects in Yorkshire, West Midlands and London and lived and co-managed homes in a social care/therapeutic setting. I have a deep passion for how people can reach their potential and their undiscovered creativity in the arts and theatre. I’ve worked with performance, movement and music in different community settings. I write poetry and love the power of the word, as well practicing in the world of energy healing. Radio can bring people together and reach the heart and soul of our communities. I spent much of the 90’s dancing and co-creating fundraisers and party events. My intro to radio was listening to the late sessions by John Peel on Radio 1 when I was a teenager. He gave us the very best of cutting edge independent music. ‘Peely” was a life-line, he was my radio uncle through the rough times of my teens. The spoken word can be powerful it has the power to connect, and inspire to reach us, stir and provoke us.

Martyn Phillips

Producer, Composer, Recording Engineer With an MA in Engineering Science from New College, Oxford, Martyn has worked as a recording engineer, synthesizer programmer and record producer for almost four decades. His productions for acts such as Londonbeat, Erasure, Jesus Jones, The Beloved and Deva Premal & Miten, have earned global top chart positions as well as gold and platinum awards. Following ten years of also lecturing music technology at the University of West London, Martyn moved to Forest Row at the end of 2019.​

Martyn is also a musician / songwriter and is currently writing a radio ident / theme for Wildhart Radio.


Ben Cowling

Multimedia … Station, Website and Archive Management

A multimedia all-rounder, with experience in the music industry, broadcasting (film/television) and web development.

Focusing on a wide array of technologies covering the scope of multimedia design, a working understanding of a wide array of audio/video applications.