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What the Fungus

with Vaughan Williams


From the bustling streets of London to the tranquil fields of West Hoathly, I’ve traded my corporate suit for a farmer’s hat. With over 20 years of experience as a director for iconic London landmarks like Battersea Power Station, Carnaby Street, and Covent Garden, I’ve now embarked on a different kind of venture—mushroom farming. Welcome to ‘What the Fungus,’ where we cultivate not just mushrooms, but a community passionate about the fungal kingdom.

As your host for this radio show series, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of mushrooms, exploring everything from gourmet delicacies to the mind-expanding realms of nootropics and psychedelics. Whether you’re a culinary aficionado, a home grower, or simply curious about the untapped potential of mushrooms, this show is your gateway to the underground world of fungi.

So tune in, as we unearth the secrets of mushrooms, one spore at a time.


Our website: whatthefungus.co.uk
My instagram: instagram.com/vaughan_william
Farm insta: instagram.com/what.the.fungus

Vaughan Williams – What the Fungus – EP02
(W128 10th Nov 2023)

This program is for entertainment and information purposes only.
We never
offer medical advice and suggest that people contact their health care provider if they have any health queries.

Vaughan Williams - What the Fungus - EP01 - (W126 - 27th Oct 2023)