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Wildhart Radio is a new and exciting project with a dream. We are a non-profit making community radio station aiming to provide a platform and a voice to Forest Row and the surrounding areas. We are a grassroots service aiming to showcase local creative talent, celebrate our unique diversity and offer a way to bring us all together. Radio can be courageous and can provide live cutting edge music, drama, comedy, free speech, wellbeing, and up to the minute local news, and be a platform for ideas and new ways of doing things. We feel passionately that the success of this project will be down to you.

This radio station is for the community in all its aspects, and we welcome participation by people from all walks of life. We advocate free expression and aim to reflect the political, artistic and social vibrancy of Forest Row and beyond.
We are committed to creating an interactive platform dedicated to showcasing the unique and varied talent of Forest Row and the surrounding area. Our aim is to promote fun and lively entertainment, freedom of expression, diversity and inclusion, and represent the people of Forest Row. We believe that building this project WITH the community as well as FOR the community will make it sustainable, as well as encouraging a sense of shared responsibility. Innovative voices are welcome and we aim to cultivate online respect, equality, diversity and the representation of all social, political and spiritual voices.

There is so much potential for ideas to celebrate our groups, activities, projects, organisations and networks and to put our listeners in touch with social, business, environmental, educational projects as well as local news. It will benefit all sections of our community to make closer links with each other.

At a time when our community can feel polarised we aim to facilitate discussion which is designed to encourage mutual understanding and a broadening of perspectives. We support comedy, music and the arts in bringing people to a shared and common ground.

We feel that care and respect for the station’s volunteers and contributors are as important as their ideas. Our aim is to make links, give people confidence, empower, and cultivate a sense of belonging and togetherness. We welcome people in the community who have broadcasting experience as well as those without.

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