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Written by wildhartradio

22 April 2021

COMMUNITY radio is a venture which sets out to make those personal connections. We recognise that technology can increase isolation. While Wildhart is setting up online the dream is for a studio space. Community radio is where local people produce and broadcast their own programs and participate in the running of the station. It’s a place for people to meet and collaborate. We’re predicting at Wildhart radio that it will be fun, life-changing and potentially will transform our community.
COMMUNITY stations can be prison based, college based and really sound different. Generally ads are spaced out, have more freedom and flexibility with the playlist and are much freer to showcase up and coming new artists and play niche genre of music. This is where Wildhart are planting our feet. We love the saying Act Locally, Think globally (internet reaching out with the best of what we’re so proud of. What do we have that we would love to share with other communities and locations.)
COMMERCIAL radio is more about operating budgets from selling adverts and the ratings which demonstrate to potential advertisers that their spot will reach a large number of listeners. This affects the programming massively. They work with labels and promoters to get a good idea of how a song or artist is going to be marketed. Many up and coming musicians don’t have the play or reach to meet the demands of commercial radio.
For WILDHART RADIO it’s all about what the station can do for the community and where we want to take that. It is a social enterprise and is non-profit making but also needs a lot of business sense to make sure its still around in years to come.

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